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Avivets News

Oct 9, 2017

Avivets Director selected for NFU Programme

Our Avivets director, Will Garton, has been selected for the National Farmer's Union's prestigious 'Poultry Industry Programme 2017-18'. Will is one of sixteen participants for the programme, who met for the first time in September. The development programme is aimed at young poultry farmers, industry figures and professionals who are creating a career for themselves in the British poultry sector.


Category: General
Posted by: avivets

The Poultry Industry Programme is run in conjunction with ABN feeds. The programme aims to build on skills and knowledge of the delegates and is made up of a series of events which will give participants a unique insight into the industry as well as creating contacts with other young professionals. The PIP brings together like-minded young people, offers market insight into the British poultry meat and egg sectors and teaches new skills to help participants develop their careers.

“The poultry industry will be facing a lot of challenges over the course of the next year." says Avivets director, Will Garton.  "The foremost problem in my opinion is Avian Influenza and the acceptance of its presence here in the UK. There is a very good chance that we’ll see the disease again every year from now on so we have to work together to find ways across the board to help control the disease. The next year on the Poultry Industry Programme will give us all a chance to network and work more closely together.”