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Avivets News

Feb 25, 2020

Update on Non-notifiable LPAI & International HPAI events

The following is an update on the non-notifiable Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza (LPAI) situation in Northern Ireland (NI), and one non-notifiable LPAI case in Scotland.

Also, summary updates on recent, unrelated avian influenza events in Europe. 

Avivets recommend that vets and poultry keepers in the UK ensure the highest levels of biosecurity are maintained at all times.

Equally, to ensure contingency plans are up-to-date and to promptly report any suspect cases to APHA in GB, or DAERA in NI.

Category: General
Posted by: avivets

Further information on how to report suspect AI cases, and other updates are also available online:


Northern Ireland

  • 19 suspect notifiable avian disease cases reported to DAERA since 2 January 2020.
  • The most recent confirmed case was reported on 12 February.
  • Ten cases have been fully negated and restrictions have been lifted.
  • Testing at APHA Weybridge has resulted in six of these cases in NI being confirmed as non-notifiable H6N1.
  • Testing continues for the other three suspect cases in NI.
  • Voluntary culling has been completed at eight premises.


  • Preliminary genetic analyses of virus genomic data defines that the cases in NI and the single non-notifiable H6N1 case in free-range layers in Scotland are as a result of independent introductions, thereby excluding direct spread between NI and Scotland, or vice versa.
  • The non-notifiable LPAI viruses associated with both events shows a close and direct relationship to contemporary influenza A viruses ubiquitous in wild birds, supporting a working hypothesis of primary introductions from wild birds.


  • It is reported that Poland is still seeing cases of H5N8 HPAI.
  • In Denmark, LPAI has been seen in organic birds.
  • In Germany there has been a case of H5N8 HPAI in a backyard flock.
  • In Hungary, a housing order is in place.
  • In The Netherlands a housing order was put in place from 12th February following the case in Germany. This seems to be on the basis that wild birds are migrating westwards and there appears to be a larger number of wild birds infected than previously thought. This was the reason for the scientists/experts in NL to advise the Minster to go for a housing order.